Monday, February 25, 2008

Daryl's not comming to practice today

Daryl's not coming to practice today, or tomorrow, or any day. Daryl doesn't give a shit about spelling, grammar, or the first person tense. the only word ever to be capitalized in Daryl's blog, is Daryl. here are some frequently asked question Daryl wont answer again

who's the best right fielder ever? Daryl
what is Daryl's favorite performance enhancing drug? cocaine
what is Daryl's pronoun? Daryl
who would win in a fight between Daryl and the entire infield roster of the 1987 dodgers? Daryl

the rest is just details*

if you have questions for Daryl you can suck it
but Daryl will happily give autographs anytime you see Daryl for 19.95 (must provide own picture and Daryl must approve, not applicable in all 50 states)


*Daryl Strawberry officially recognizes the golden bear, ttb, and the industry, which Daryl may have worked for but still owns, as minor details