Wednesday, February 27, 2008

where credit is due

world... you're welcome


TTB said...

For every bump of coke Daryl does
TTB cries two tears.
For every homer Daryl hits
TTB cries two tears.
That means that Daryl is hitting his homers in response to the tears.
But then there are more tears
so this means even more homers.

But I must ask you Daryl...

is the world made out of basballs?
does everyone sleep in baseball stadiums now?
when was the last time anyone even fucking bought baseball cards?

The answers to all these questions are NO.

Except the last one which is- I don't know for sure.

The world is made out of pain.
The world is made out of mysticness.
I am the world.
I am the tears of your homers.
I am the tears of your wives
that you so mercifully beat.
I am the tears of your unborn children that you never had because you were too busy getting fucked up.

I am the fucked up tears that come rolling down your coked out eye every single night when you realize you have nothing left but a basball bat hidden underneath your bed just in case someone comes and tries to rob you of your stash.

And Daryl...

I am real.
I am not coming for your coke.
I am not coming for your All-Star status.
I am not coming for your cameo on the Simpsons.

I am coming to cry all over you and wash you of your sins.

The Golden Bear said...

oooh, shit! It's on now!

-The Golden Bear

P.S. I am so adorable.