Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daryl's back, temporarily

Daryl's been on a 12 day bender, *sniff* that's why you haven't seen Daryl. Daryl's still better than you, Daryl's still more cracked out than you *sniff* and Daryl has still hit more homers than you

Daryl is also formally making public Daryl's intention in enervating the race for the whitehouse *sniff*

you can show your support for Daryl and Daryl's campaign run by donating money to the "Daryl for president" fund

praise for Daryl's campaign:

policy on foreign issues:

find me an mlb/government team willing to take a chance on a washed up 40 year old cokehead and ill show you talent

Daryl will still charge 19.95 to any foreign country he signs a treaty with, because it's still an autograph

stance on his future presidency:

Daryl Strawberry is officially "ahead of his time"


"if Daryl strawberry we're a baseball player, he's be the Daryl Strawberry of politics"- Dennis Cusinich

"daryl Strawberry is the only thing that can save this great nation"-Daryl Strawberry

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The Golden Bear said...

Daryl Strawberry is a fucking retard. Http://